Solidarity Medal of Gratitude to Bo Persson

We are pleased to announce that Bo Persson has recieved the Medal of Gratitude from the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk.
“Denna hedersutmärkelse är ett symboliskt tack för ert personliga mod och den hjälp ni bistått den demokratiska oppositionen i Polen med, för solidaritet med Solidaritet/Solidarnosc under de svåraste av tider.”
Basil Kersi, Direktör för Europeiskt Solidaritetscentrum

Medal in Prague for Joanna Helander

The Institute for the study of Totalitarian regimes in Czech Republic has awarded Joanna Helander the commemorative medal for her “significant role in the fight for the restoration of freedom and democracy during the eras of non-freedom.”

The conferral ceremony will take place on November 14 at the Mayor´s residence in Prague.

Exhibition about Wislawa Szymborska in Plock, Poland, March 18

Between March 18 and May 18 the City Library in Plock, Poland is showing an exhibition of photos made by Joanna Helander about Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska. The exhibition includes photos from Wislawa Szymborska´s visit in Stockholm at the time of the Nobel Prize as well as portraits of Wislawa Szymborska and her friends in Kraków.
The exhibition celebrates Wislawa Szymborska on the anniversary of her death.
The film ”If She from Poland was Here” by Joanna Helander and Bo Persson with Wislawa Szymborska and Erland Josephson will be shown as part of the exhibition.