Praise in London for “Watching the Moon at Night”

After screening in London at the Wiener Library, Nick Cohen writes in the March issue of UK magazine “STANDPOINT” about our film:

“A powerful, almost lyrical, documentary, ‘Watching the Moon at Night’, by the Swedish filmmakers Bo Persson and Joanna Helander. They weave together the conspiracy theories of Nazism and the stories of the victims of its ghettos and camps with the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of modern Iran and radical Sunni Islam and the stories of the victims of their terrorism. It is a warning of the danger of appeasing fascism in its old or new forms.

‘Watching the Moon at Night’ has been shown to the European Parliament and at film festivals around the world. It won’t surprise you to learn that it has proved too much for allegedly “liberal” Swedes, who wanted to see Israel demonised. Although the Swedish station Sveriges Television helped fund the documentary, it refused to show it on Swedish television”